Featured Events

Thinh Nguyen: REORIENT

Virtual Exhibition

At the heart of this body of work is the ability to expand one’s focus. To rotate the lens in which we perceive the world (using artist Titus Kaphar’s metaphor) simply to benefit from additional, excluded narratives. Divided into three sections, Gendering, De-Centering, and Pandemic, this exhibit responds to our collective cultural moment.

On-Demand Film: 'Black Memorabilia'

Black Memorabilia explores the world of racist material, both antique and newly produced, that propagates demeaning representations of African Americans.

'Common Ground: Artists Reimagining Community' (Virtual Exhibit)

The work included in "Common Ground" engages, investigates and questions the concepts of what “community” is.

Robin Holder: On Labor and Youth

This exhibit begins with labor, becomes steeped in childhood experiences and ends with a combination of the two.

International Education Week
"Women Who Choose to Challenge"

Virtual programming

This year's International Education Week will celebrate “Women Who Choose to Challenge.” Save the dates and stay tuned for the full schedule of programming.

IT Opportunities in Healthcare: The Future of Clinical Informatics
TechTalk Speaker Series

Zoom PST

In this talk followed by Q&A, Eric Odero will share his experiences as a leader for technological innovation in the field of clinical health informatics and discuss potential career opportunities for those interested in joining the industry.

'How Can Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) Be Integrated Into Financial Planning?'
Next Gen Mentoring Forum

Zoom PST

Chia-Li Chien, PhD, will interview Julie Fortin, CFP®, FBS®, CeFT®, on “How Can Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) Be Integrated Into Financial Planning?” on March 2, 2021, at 1 p.m.

Memories That Aren’t Ours: Experimental Films from Atlanta
Common Ground Series

Zoom PST

Atlanta-based filmmakers Zameh Omonuwa and Yusef Ferguson will discuss their films exhibited in the exhibit "Common Ground: Artists Reimagining Community."

Paths to Professionalism
What is your career path?

Zoom PST

Join a distinguished panel of professionals and industry leaders to get your career path questions answered.

Stop Killing Your Audience! Strategies for Digital Storytelling
Presentation by Jana Craft, PhD, from Winona State University

Zoom PST

An interactive session to learn more powerful ways of presenting information with digital storytelling.