We move forward, together.

Health & Safety

We’re all in this together. Our safe return to campus relies on everyone taking responsibility and caring for each other.

Cal Lutheran Compact

Every member of the Cal Lutheran community is called upon to sign this Compact knowing that as we each care for ourselves, we care for each other and our neighbors.

Face Masks

All people on campus will be required to wear a face mask when in the presence of others and/or entering a common area.

Washing Hands

The CDC says that people can help themselves and others stay healthy by washing hands often.

Physical Distancing

All people on campus are expected to physically distance themselves from others.  Since no one knows who might be carrying the virus, it is very important to avoid physical closeness with others.

Contact Tracing

Contact tracing is the process of identifying an individual who has an infectious disease, and enables us to give an early alert to people who may have been exposed.

Daily Health Check

Everyone must complete an electronic Daily Health Check each day before arriving on campus.


Find information about COVID-19 surveillance testing for residential and commuter students, student-athletes and coaches here.

Travel-Related Quarantine

Any student traveling to Thousand Oaks from out of the state or out of the country will need to abide by this recommended quarantine for 10 days.

Reporting Cases

Anyone who tests positive for COVID-19, has symptoms or is exposed to someone with COVID-19 must report it as soon as possible.

Employee Toolkit

Holding ourselves and each member of this community accountable to the Cal Lutheran Compact is everyone’s work.