We move forward, together.

Employee Toolkit

Holding ourselves and each member of this community accountable to the Cal Lutheran Compact is everyone’s work. This means speaking up and approaching individuals who are not wearing a mask or practicing physical distance.  As we move closer to the availability of vaccines and a more vibrant campus life, wearing a mask remains critical.

Here’s what you can say when you see someone wearing a mask and following the Compact:

  • Thanks for wearing a mask on campus. It matters.
  • Where did you get that awesome mask?
  • Mask up Regals/Kingsmen!
  • You look beautiful in that mask.
  • Respecting the “6”. Way to go!

When someone is not wearing a mask or following the Compact and you feel safe address them, begin from a place of care giving a gentle reminder:

  • You may not be aware that everyone walking within the campus must wear a mask. Let me direct you to the Welcome Center and the Campus Safety Office. They will be happy to give you a mask. Thanks for helping us help our community stay as safe as we can.
  • We only have a few more months of this. Mask up now while it’s still cool!
  • We are all looking forward to the day when COVID-19 is behind us. However, that day is not here yet. Please do your part and help us all get there, together.
  • You may not be aware that you have entered private property. We welcome you as a guest and ask that you wear a mask at all times when you are on the campus. Thank you for helping us make a positive difference in this community.

Our safe return to campus relies on everyone taking responsibility and caring for each other. This will mean different things for different people. While some may not be comfortable addressing those who are not wearing a mask or practicing physical distance, we hope each of us will do our part to keep the community safe. You never know how your actions of wearing a mask, affirming those who do, and following the Compact may impact future change and the health of the community.