The Program

  • Helping pastors, deacons and church leaders form meaningful/trusting relationships (self, others, God)
  • Helping pastors, deacons and church leaders develop skills that compassionately engage the larger community

Vital and thriving leaders are the key to vital and thriving congregations.

Bp. Jim Gonia,
Rocky Mountain Synod

The small groups and the leaders of those groups (you) are a vital component of the grant and the key to enacting the vision of the grant. Anything good and life-changing begins within small groups of people who trust one another.

The goal of fostering and equipping spiritual leaders for new models of ministry and church is predicated on a process and practice of authentic community in which people form meaningful and trusting relationships and are encouraged to cultivate spiritual practices and support one another to creatively engage their ministry contexts. We hope these groups will be little communities of practice, learning and friendship...places for you and others to form meaningful/trusting relationships (self, others, God).

These small groups will involve story sharing on your call to ministry, stories around consolations and desolations in ministry, prayer exercises that help you identify where life is springing forth in your ministry/community, where the Spirit is calling you at this stage in your ministry.