Synod Cohorts


Cohort Leader: Pastor Sandra Rudd


Cohort Leader: Pastor Daniel Disch

Northwest Intermountain

Cohort Leader: Pastor Meggan Manlove

People in ministry in the Northwest Intermountain Synod of the ELCA:  

– You desire to be grounded in your life, but are pulled in many directions. 

– You yearn for deep connection – to God, to others, to yourself  – but are not sure where to start. 

– You are curious about spiritual practices – silence, deep listening, prayer – but are not very good at practicing them on your own. 

Together, we will learn again to pay attention to our lives and our communities and rediscover God’s sustaining presence in our midst. 

We will gather on Zoom from 9-10:30 AM PACIFIC / 10-11:30 AM MOUNTAIN Tuesday mornings:

Oct. 19, Nov. 2, Nov. 16, then the first and third Tuesdays through March (actually the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Tuesdays of March)

Interested?  Contact Pastor Meggan Manlove at


Cohort Leader: Matt Anderson

Are you going through a time of significant transition (and let’s be honest – who isn’t right now!)? Perhaps this or another cohort would be a beneficial and life-giving space for you. This will be a group of Pacifica Rostered Leaders meeting to accompany one another through a series of spiritual practices, in order to hold space to listen – to one another and to the Spirit of God – to discern: what’s going on in us, and what’s next? 

Rocky Mountain

Cohort Leader: Pastor DanaLee Simon

The Rocky Mountain Synod, in conjunction with the Thriving Leadership Formation (TLF) Program (in its second year of a five year Lilly Grant) is looking for 6-9 Pastors/Deacons to journey together through a personal exploration of the greatest commandment (Love God, love yourself, love your neighbor).  Pastor and Spiritual Director, DanaLee Simon (Salt Lake City, UT), will be convening this group which will gather over ZOOM, bimonthly, for 12 sessions.  In each gathering, we will be centered in prayer, self-reflection, honest sharing, deep listening, and discovering the flow between feeding our own spirits and thriving within the ministry contexts we each serve.  There is a curriculum and also space and flexibility to make this gathering what the group needs it to be.  Each session simply requires you to show up and trust that God will, too.  Just as you are.  Ready to be.  Open to sharing.  Curious about where the Spirit might be leading.  Please reach out to DanaLee with questions ( 

Sierra Pacific

Cohort Leader: Hazel Salazar-Davidson

Calling ordained pastors, deacons, seminarians, and non-ordained congregational leaders with all levels of artistic ability (novice to long-time doodler) ages 18 and up in the ELCA Sierra Pacific Synod; led by Rev. Hazel Salazar-Davidson, Assistant to the Bishop for Authentic Diversity, Inclusive Community, and Service in the Sierra Pacific Synod.  Join us for a small group for church leaders. Our time together will be formed around the needs of the community, including, but not limited to meditations, community processing, arts and crafts, and/or movement. This will be a time for us to be our full authentic selves with each other and for each other. We will hear and learn from others about their own artistic practices and to create art pieces in community. We will meet for 12 sessions on zoom, 11 being group time, the 12th being a virtual art showing (black tie from the waist up, sweats or comfy bottoms).


We will gather for 12 sessions, dates have been purposely scheduled, to begin in Advent 2021 and move through Lent 2022.


These pandemics have left many of us feeling burned out and tired. Many are having trouble reengaging in our work, life, education, etc. It is hard to find a balance. The stresses of white supremacy in today’s world sits in our bodies and many of us have trouble releasing it. Artistic expression has been one of the ways that have been utilized in order to journey through our days. The visual arts are often used in various religious traditions as a spiritual practice that helps an individual process through life experiences. They were used to tell the story of the gospel before communities were literate. Here, we gather for a different kind of spiritual practice. One that allows us to embody and illustrate the gospel and release all that separates us from it. One that allows us to share our stories and experiences with one another in new ways. 

We will come together because we are hungry for art in our world, we hunger for it in our spirits and desire to journey with those who create it and share it with the world. We will come together with the intent of supporting one another in our ministries, life-paths, wonderings and encouraging artistic expression.  We will come together because we cannot do this ourselves, because community, storytelling and sharing with one another is what sustains us. 

Contact Rev. Hazel Salazar-Davidson (she/her/ella) at with questions.

Southwest California

Cohort Leader: Pastor Amy Beveridge 

Who am I in this new era of ministry? Many of us who have led through Covid-19 are discovering that we are now different in significant ways. This is true of pastors, deacons, and all committed congregational leaders.  Some parts of us are thriving anew. Some parts continue to languish.  Explore who you are becoming in a supportive and devoted small group setting spanning from the Central Coast to Los Angeles. Rostered and non-rostered leaders welcome.

Southwest Washington

Cohort Leader: Nate Sutton 

People in ministry, either in churches or in the community, who are affiliated with congregations in the Southwestern Washington Synod of the ELCA: 

– You desire to be grounded in your life, but are pulled in many directions.

– You yearn for deep connection – to God, to others, to your own heart – but aren’t sure where to start.

– You are curious about contemplative practices – silence, deep listening, prayer – but aren’t very good at practicing them on your own.

Together, let’s learn again to pay attention to our lives, and rediscover God’s sustaining presence in our midst.

This year, there are no Cohort Leaders/Groups for the Oregon Synod, Grand Canyon Synod or the Northwest Washington Synod.